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Monsieur LeBoeuf - Modern Artist 

"Monsieur LeBoeuf" is the acronym of an Italian artist who embarked on his career in pop art anonymously.

The hand is skilful and the ideas are brilliant, that is to transmute everyday objects into precious and unique resin sculptures that are representative of our everyday life. The artist does so by stigmatizing the exaggerated and deformed reproduction, in an ironic, critical and rhetorical key, of the materials, symbols and brands of our consumer civilization, underlining the unnatural importance that it gives to a commercial brand. The commercial brand, asserts the artist, today can shift the balance and give value to everyday objects that have nothing to do with luxury.

Lover and scholar of good wine, specifically of the "Bollenti Spiriti" works, LeBoeuf wanted to provoke the commercial current which, without any rational movement, has increased the values ​​of some wine products, placing famous brands on everyday objects, such as for example the fire extinguishers.

Monsieur LeBoeuf is mainly known for his famous range of label sculpture. 

This artworks represent the most known wine labels' in an interesting and very unique way. With the collection"Tiré de la poche" the artist make the symbol of a bottle of wine, its label, eternal. The most interesting thing is that he want to be anonymous, this give to his artwork an additional piquant characteristics... 

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